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The benefits of getting out and keeping fit

Anne ClarksonComment

My alarm went off at 6.30am as normal but the desire to get up and get going evaded me. Yet again I'd ended up in bed after midnight - wishing I'd got to sleep earlier so I didn't feel so rubbish in the morning.  And today was a Wednesday as well - the day I normally try to go running with my dog as part of my attempt at having some sort of exercise plan.  So - what was it to be?  Should I get dressed into my running gear or perhaps as my nights sleep was so short I could justify a leisurely breakfast with a large cup of coffee.  Hmmmm  coffee!  But no - as part of being a Shine coordinator I am constantly encouraging girls to ensure they include at least an hour of physical activity in their day, so how could I let myself be tempted to avoid it.

It was a beautiful morning, the one's where its fresh and cold but there is a clear blue sky and the sun is shining.  Running through the woods with the dappled sunlight reflecting off the leaves I realised that exercise is so much more than keeping fit.  My mind became alive as I took in the earthy smell of leaves and roots that cushioned my feet.  I felt the energy rising in my body and  ran with renewed enthusiasm, sometimes chasing my dog, sometimes pausing for her to catch up.  40 minutes later and I was back at my car, covered in sweat and panting like I'd run a marathon but feeling revitalised and ready to start the day.

Its true that as women we keep fit largely to improve are body tone or as part of a weight loss plan but exercise provides so many more benefits and here are just some that we use to encourage Shine young women to think positively about exercise:

  • improved mood
  • stronger muscles
  • better skin
  • reduced stress levels
  • less prone to catch colds
  • more brain power

Why don't you try it?