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Chocolate overdose?

Anne ClarksonComment

What did you do at Easter?  For most its a good excuse to eat Chocolate and eat it in excess!!  The photo shows the remnants we have left in our house and bearing in mind Easter was over a week ago I'm amazed we have any left at all.

One of our sessions in Shine talks about the benefits of healthy eating but we don't say that means you can't enjoy some chocolate or a slice of pizza or a packet of crisps ever again. We just encourage you to think about balancing your diet so that you're able to keep your body physically healthy.  So if you struggle to eat a balanced diet where fruit and vegetables take up a greater proportion than cake and crisps, how about giving one or more of the following a go...

- try something new (you might surprise yourself and find out you like it!)

- get stuck in - search recipes on the internet for a meal that inspires you and have a go at cooking it

- have fun with food - perhaps you could cut up lots of different fruits to make fruit kebabs or the take the weetabix challenge and make yourself a weetabuddy (see video for ideas!)