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Mindful eating

Anne Clarkson1 Comment

Mindfulness is something we practice in Shine, but finding time to fit it into daily life can be hard.  One way of remembering to be mindful is take time to focus on being present when we sit down to eat.  Try some of the following next time you are having a meal:

  • Take 4 deep relaxing breaths before you start eating
  • Slow down
  • Smell your food. Can you smell freshness? Is the smell strong? How did this food come to your table?
  • Take smaller bites, look for texture, move your tongue around the food, feeling it against your gums and teeth. Enjoy.
  • Chew more, pause more. Smile.
  • Eat a meal in silence with a friend or partner and really think about how it tastes.

We'd love to hear your comments as to how you get on.