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News! News! News! - Bag Pack at Tesco Extra

Anne ClarksonComment

In our last session for Shine we talk about different ways we as humans look for happiness.  Most of us (me included) spend the majority of our time seeking happiness through short term activities that don't last; like eating a bar of chocolate after a stressful day at work / school or going out to a party with friends or scrolling through social media.  Although these things can bring us temporary happiness, once the event is over we often go back to the way we felt before or actually end up feeling worse or guilty (think sugar craving after finishing the chocolate).

Psychologists say that longer term happiness is found in people who choose to give up their time for others, perhaps through volunteering, random acts of kindness or supporting a cause that they feel passionately about.

We at Shine are putting this to the test and have arranged a bag pack at Tesco Extra on Castle Lane on 16th July from 9.30am to 1pm.  We'd love any past or present Shine girls to support this activity by signing up to pack bags and for others to be willing to have their bags packed in aid of The Shine Project.  If you shop at Tesco Extra - why not plan to do your shopping on Saturday 16th and if you don't, why not make an exception and come along to support Shine!  Hope to see you there.

If you are a Shine girl and want to get involved - then email Anne and Liz via the contact form on our website