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Writing a gratitude list

Anne ClarksonComment

Being thankful…


Mindfulness Challenge – post your own ‘gratitude list’, feel free to share this with friends.

Take some time today, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, to write a gratitude list.  It may sound odd, but putting pen to paper is more powerful than you think. 

Here are 10 reasons for Shine to give thanks today:

  1. We are thankful for our volunteers who give up their time to help at our events and on each of our 8-week Shine courses (we run several at once – so that’s a lot)

  2. We are thankful for our supporters.  We can’t run without donations – so it makes a HUGE difference.  For example, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to BHLIVE, Bournemouth University (BU), Arbonne and all the fabulous business that helped fund our recent wellbeing event (photos coming soon!).

  3. We are thankful for our trustees. Our team members each received a beautiful email / message after our recent Wellbeing event from each of the trustees, thanking us for specific things.  Being part of an organisation that truly recognises and values your efforts is so wonderful and makes us feel proud indeed.

  4. We are thankful for our professionals.  Shine courses include demonstrations in hair & skin care by professionals.  They do a wonderful job and deserve our thanks. The professional instruction on how to do your eyebrows is a particular success at the moment!

  5. We are thankful to our schools. So many schools across Dorset welcome Shine and are tell us they appreciate the difference we make to their girls.  We thank them in return for the warm welcome and working with us so positively in the support and safeguarding of these fantastic young people.  We hope to be able to work with more schools very soon.  Schools that attended our recent wellbeing event included: St Peters, BSG, St Aldhelms, TBOWA, Avonbourne, Ferndown Upper, Twynham, The Grange, Ringwood, Poole High, St Edwards, Parkfield, Glenmoor, Linwood, Highcliffe and Cranbourne!

  6. We are thankful to our fundraisers.  We now have a new fundraising and supporters group and with their help, hope to expand what Shine is able to do.  Every post share, donation of time, idea, and things like baking cakes for our events matters.  We even have volunteers who make hundreds of bracelets, bookmarks, and key rings FREE for us, to be given to our girls as an empowering reminder that they are beautiful, loveable, valuable and unique.

  7. We are thankful to our partner organisations.  On the 11th Feb our Wellbeing Event included stands from over 20 organisations, all with amazing interactive activities for the girls.  Thank you to: Pavilion Dance, YMCA, BH Live, Fire Services, Bournemouth University, CVS, Dorset Mind, Girl Guides, Lansdowne Church, Pavilion Youth Theatre, Relate, Poole Youth, Samaritans, Dorset Rape Crisis, Ocean Red, Women’s Resource Centre, Arbonne, Bournemouth Bridal Hair and Makeup, Jericho Youth Project, and Lush.

  8. We are thankful for our community.  We are so lucky that the Dorset community is so strong.  Awareness of Shine is growing and community involvement is key to what we do.  Investing in our young community members sends a powerful message that we all matter.

  9. We are thankful for each other.  Our team all have unique skills and all work harmoniously towards our vision  Project Co-ordinators, Anne and Liz are friendly, amazing, super-organised and focused on reaching and supporting teen girls in the best way possible. 

  10. We are thankful for our girls.  Last on our list, but in no way least, are our girls.  Every one is different, every one with their own perspective, and personal journey.  You inspire us with your enthusiasm and love for what we do.  We work hard for you, to support you and help you flourish. Thank you for your openness, your eagerness to participate and for taking the time to invest in yourselves, to learn, to grow and to be a stronger, more confident version of yourselves. You matter.  Thank you.