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Anne ClarksonComment

So - the new season of America's Next Top Model is about half way through and there's the usual amount of tears and heartache occurring in the shared house.

Last episode's focus was on re-touching of the model's photos and I was intrigued to hear that every photo that's taken of the potential 'next top model' is modified in some way, even as part of the programme where they are being assessed on how good a photo they can take.  I shouldn't have been surprised, particularly as we dedicate a shine session to looking at how much manipulation occurs to models in adverts, even after they have had hours of time spent on make up and hair.  This episode focused on taking a photo of each model where there would be no re-touching done.  The aim was for the models to identify their 'flaws' and minimise them as much as possible in their photo as the re-touching of photos costs the fashion industry even more money.

The models were encouraged to work out their 'flaws' which ranged from too short legs to a lopsided jaw bite and as per any reality TV programme there was much joy taken from the judges emphasising the flaws in the models and criticising the final photos.

We live in a world obsessed by physical perfection - and as girls, we are told through the media that we are too fat, too thin, not tall enough, too tall, that our eyebrows are not shaped correctly, our teeth are not white enough etc etc.  Shine seeks to emphasis that real beauty comes from the person we are on the inside.  Its good to look after ourselves physically but much more important to recognise our strengths in personality than our flaws in outward appearance.