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Over 400 local girls to attend our second Wellbeing Event in Bournemouth on 11th February 2019!

Supported by Bournemouth University, BHLive and the Arbonne Foundation, we will be running a wellbeing event, for the second time, for young teenage girls at Bournemouth Pavilion on 11th February 2019. 

The first pilot event was run in 2017 (see below report), in the hopes of reaching more of the local teenage population than ever before with the message of their inherent value and equip them with the tools to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Girls in years 7, 8 or 9 are once again being offered to all the schools across Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch.  These girls will be given the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops, including dance, choir, exercise and self-care.

There will be stands from all the different charities and businesses that help to promote physical and mental wellbeing, signposting the girls to the many different organisations available to them.  There will also be an inspiring talk by entrepreneur Hayley Barnard, a marathon swimmer who has not only swum the English Channel but has also swum around Manhattan Island, New York – without a wetsuit! She’s even co-led an all-female team on an expedition in the Arctic Circle. Hayley will be talking about how we can tame the little voice in our head that whispers ‘You can’t do this’ or ‘You’re not good enough’ and instead have the confidence to go for it!

In addition to workshops, a reflective space will be set up, where the girls can take some time to relax and receive self-care advice.

This unique event is only possible because the local schools, businesses and charities have united to work in partnership to improve the lives of young women across the conurbation. At the previous event in 2017, 12 different schools attended and 99% of the girls said they would like to do it again. “The whole event was inspirational as well as enjoyable.  The girls that attended the afternoon had nothing but excitement and encouragement to say about it.  They said that 'Shine really made them feel good about themselves and think of others' – Teacher from The Grange School.

 “In a time when a third of teenage girls in the UK say they suffer from depression or anxiety and the ever increasing statistics of self harm and eating disorders this event shows local schools trying to support their young people not just academically but in every area of their lives.“ – Anne Clarkson, The Shine Project

 Anne Clarkson, Shine Coordinator explains, ‘we are so excited to be able to run this fantastic, large-scale event for local girls.  It is an amazing opportunity to support young women in discovering their own skills, talents, value and beauty.’

For more information please contact:    Anne Clarkson,          ,        07780 604643

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2017 Health and Wellbeing Event Report

 On 12th June 2017 The Shine Project in partnership with BHLive, ran a Health and Wellbeing Event for Teenage Girls in the Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset Area.

The aim of the event was to inspire girls to think positively about themselves and encourage good physical and mental health.

The Shine Project based the event around the NHS 5 ways to wellbeing: connect, be active, give back, be mindful and keep learning.

 The event, held at Bournemouth Pavilion, had exhibition stands from 22 different organisations including local charities, youth services and businesses. Each stand offered an activity to engage the girls in one of the 5 ways to wellbeing. The YMCA provided an activity where the girls created individual shields, which they decorated with positive words about themselves and were encouraged to keep them safe to look at when facing difficult times in life.  JP Morgan put up an aspiration board, encouraging the girls to keep learning and look to the future. LUSH generously donated product so that we could ask the girls to ‘be a beautiful person and give a gift’ as well as a team making bath bombs with the girls helping them to be mindful.

 “I was one of the volunteers on the Samaritans stand and just want to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU for such an excellent event.

From the moment we arrived you had it so right.  Colour mixed tablecloths and balloons. The immediate and efficient assistance from your volunteers who took us to our tables. Teas and coffees delivered to us. Very tasty lunch prepared. Checking to see all was ok with us. A sensible positive mix of charities that could support your young ladies. Just loved the dance teacher Marissa! Oh the energy!  And didn't the youngsters just love it.  She even made a couple of us get up and join in. A really feel good situation.

You must have all worked so hard and I really appreciate all your effort.”

Marion Davis - Samaritans

In addition to the stands the girls were encouraged to take part in one of the many different timetabled workshops. Drama from BHLive, dance by Pavilion Dance and music by Aim Community were offered upstairs in the Ballroom. Downstairs in the Lucullus room the girls found a relaxing space. Spa therapies were on offer from Arbonne and Melanie Tilsed as well as a mindfulness workshop run by Sharon Hartwell and a beach themed reflective space run by Jericho Youth Project.

One of the additional benefits of the day was to encourage interconnectivity between the schools and the many charities and business that offer services to their students.

“I just wanted to say thank you for Monday’s health and wellbeing event. It was a really wonderful event and seemed to really hit the target on all counts. The girls I spoke to where having a great time and many said the mindfulness seminar was the highlight. From my perspective as an exhibitor, it was a great opportunity to network with other organisations, but most of all to have contact with new schools. As I’m sure you know from your work with schools, when you don’t have any contacts or relationship with the school, getting in is really hard. We have already had 2 new schools in touch to have us come in. “ – Beth Pink from Respect-ed

 Over the course of the day over 200 girls from 12 different schools attended and 99% of the girls said they would like to do it again. The Shine Project feels that this signals a huge success for its pilot event.

“Thank you so much for inviting The Grange to the Shine Health and Wellbeing day at Bournemouth Pavilion. The event was wonderful.  It was well organised and so much fun.  The subjects covered were well thought out and researched and professionally delivered. Personally my favourite was the dance workshop.  I enjoyed seeing the freedom in our girl’s faces as they let go and danced with the guidance of the wonderful dance instructor.  Also the looks of horror on the girls’ faces as they witnessed their 51-year-old teacher (me) attempt to 'bust some moves'”. 

“The whole event was inspirational as well as enjoyable.  The girls that attended the afternoon had nothing but excitement and encouragement to say about it.  They said that 'Shine really made them feel good about themselves and think of others'. A good example for this is one of our students had lots of Lush products from the day.  She said that when she got home she went to an elderly lady who lives on her road.  She gave her some of the bath bombs etc.  She explained to the lady that it feels as nice to give things as it does to receive and that the Lush products are 'well lush!' and she thought she would like them. Thank you again for a magnificent afternoon.  We Shone at Shine!!!” – Teacher at The Grange School

The Shine Project would like to extend a huge thank you to everybody who attended and helped make the day the success that it was.

 “I found the day to be inspirational, I want to be a vet and now I feel like I am going to fight for what I want to do.” – A girl at the event

“This is the best I have felt in a long time!” – A girl at the event