The Shine Project

Beautiful . Valuable . Loveable . Unique

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Letter from Highcliffe School December 2018

Dear Anne,

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing our students to engage
in the Shine Project in school this term.
The students have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and this has been evident from the many comments received by them. They are quite sad that it has come to an end. They have gained valuable knowledge and experience during their time with the Shine Team. It has enabled them to know that they are unique, helped them to recognise their potential and realise they have choices to make.

For some they have commented on the importance of having it on Monday as it has motivated them for the week ahead. Their self-esteem has been raised as a result as a result of the sessions and we are extremely thankful.

We have received some wonderful and positive responses from parents:

“It has been fantastic for her. I am so happy that she was invited to be part of this.”

“She has enjoyed it very much”

“It’s great , she is meeting up with other children and she has found the group fun.”

Kind Regards

Mrs S Allen