The Shine Project

Beautiful . Valuable . Loveable . Unique


Letter from Highcliffe school December 2017

Dear Anne,

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing our students to engage
in the Shine Project in school this term.
The students have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and have gained valuable knowledge and
experience during their time with the Shine Team.
It has enabled them to know that they are unique, helped them to recognise their potential and
realise they have choices to make.
Their self-esteem has been raised as a result of the sessions and we are extremely thankful.
We have received some wonderful and positive responses from parents:

'Thank you all so much for allowing and giving our daughter this lovely opportunity to be part of the
Shine project. My daughter lost her sister tragically and is in shock and grieving. This project has and
is truly benefitting my daughter. She has enjoyed taking port, giving her some happiness and
normality in her life. Thank you all so very much from my heart."
'My daughter hos grown in confidence.'
'My daughter enjoyed the lessons, found it helpful talking about bullying. A very well run course,
Thank you.'
'My daughter has enjoyed the course and found it helped her get advice and helped her learn social
'Thoroughly enjoyed her sessions. She is having o much better year 8 and is much more confident and
happier in herself. I was thrilled to hear you offer such a great project and feel she loved and used the
course to its potential and this hos boost her self- confidence'.
'Enjoyed her sessions and it hos helped her to feel more confident in speaking up for herself'.

We understand how vital it is to allow young people to be given these opportunities and all the work
that this course entails.

Thank you for running such a superb course for Looked after Children in Poole. Hayley, who led the course, was excellent. The sessions were always dynamic with excellent content. Thanks also to the volunteers who helped the sessions to run smoothly. The young people and Carers I spoke with really valued the course and felt it had a positive impact on their foster child. Thank you once again. Action for Children 2015

The Course is really effective and the girls get a lot out of it. The girls love doing the course and it makes a real difference to their confidence. Shine works wonders with our female pupils, it’s a lovely course and we are proud to offer it in our School. Glenmoor School 2015

It was great that we were able to talk about our feelings and problems freely and not have to worry about being judged - Shine Girl, Bishop of Winchester 2015

I feel more confident in myself and I have learnt that it is better not to bottle things up.* Shine girl, Twynham School 2015 * Thank you it was really great how we could talk about our emotions - Shine Girl, St Aldhelms Academy 2015

10/10 - I want to do Shine again! - Shine girl, Poole High School 2015

It’s been a wonderful experience for my foster daughter and she has looked forward to every meeting. There is a definite change in her attitude towards herself- thoughts about her hair and skin and how improvements can be made leading to an empathy to people worse off and never get the support and encouragement she has received. Many, Many thanks. Carer 2015

My daughter has gained in confidence, she communicates more and is better with others. Parent 2015

My daughter feels more confident and this contributes in her school work. Parent 2015