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Time to organise & declutter

Anne ClarksonComment

There is an old saying “clear desk, clear mind”.  Whether it’s work, our home or our bedroom, our environment can have a huge impact on our wellbeing. Cutting down the number of ‘things’ in your life, means you become less distracted by thoughts such as “I should find a home for that, this needs to be fixed, I don’t really like that, but it was a gift” etc.  These are just extra thoughts about ‘things’, which you don’t need mentally or physically.

When you have fewer things, but things you love, tidily displayed, it is easier to enjoy your surroundings and relax!  Who doesn’t feel happier in a fresh, clean and light space?

The BEST thing about it is saving time searching for lost things and tidying. Searching for things and trying to clean a cluttered room / home / office is time consuming and actually quite draining! Yes, cleaning can in itself be a mindful activity, but not when it is a never-ending, unbeatable battle against the clutter!

Many people keep things as memories or for sentimental reasons and that’s OK, but consider which items really add VALUE to your life. Marie Kondo, the tidying guru, recommends you hold each item and keep it only if it ‘sparks joy’.

Freeing yourself from existing clutter, means time and freedom are regained, time which could be spent making memories with friends, going somewhere new or doing some exercise or a hobby.

Not BUYING clutter, reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ coming into your home, therefore frees up your time and funds to DO and experience new things that make you far richer. 

So HOW do you do it?  Here are our top tips:

1) Set yourself a treat. 

At the end of this I will have a cup of tea, head out to the cinema or perhaps buy a beautiful, fresh bunch of flowers or plant to finish off the new space. 

2) Get Some Music on!

Find some tunes to make you feel upbeat and motivated.  Time will whizz past as you work away while singing or even dancing along.

3) Look Around You

Before you start, stand in the doorway or corner of the room and take a good look around.  Think about what your friends/parents see when they stand in the same place, looking into your room! What is the first thing you notice?

4) Declutter time

To start you’ll need 4 large boxes or bags. These are for:

·       Recycling – paper, plastics etc. in here!

·       Rubbish  - things broken beyond repair, food waste etc.

·       Donation / sell / re-gift – things in good condition that someone else could use.  This includes new items you’ll never realistically wear / use!

·       Storage (this is for seasonal things that are taking up valuable space & can stored elsewhere)

Choose a place to begin.  Fold and put away items to keep. Work your way around the room folding / putting away items to keep and think:

·       Have I outgrown this?

·       Do I really need this item? Have I used it in the last 12 months?

·       Does it spark any joy for me?

·       Is this item just taking up space or do I (not will I) actually use it?

Really go for it! Be positive about each thing you free your space from.  You’ll have this done in no time.  Each item out is one step closer to a tidier, healthier space and mind!

When you’ve finished, give it a quick vacuum, dust and RELAX.